Wesley Aleshire

Leasing Like a Pro

If you want to be a pro, you're going to need a systematic technique. Winging it isn't a systematic technique.

Traci Brown

21 Day Makeover

This 21-Day Body Language Makeover transforms you into the expert. Cover 50 of the most common and most telling signs!

Laura Policy

Leasing Basics - Part Two

Entry Level intro into Fair Housing - What you need to know and fast! New to the industry or just never had the opportunity for fair housing training? Either way, this micro learning session will be perfect for you!

Wesley Aleshire

Business Ethics

Give your company consistency with a clear understanding of the value obtained through strong business ethics.

Wesley Aleshire

The Reflection Coach

Have you ever had an employee that was resistant to feedback, recommendations or coaching in general? Coaching has gotten a bad rep, this program will help you change the perspective of coaching into a positive one.

Angry Residents Bundle

Micro Podcast Series - Bundle & Save