Laura Policy

Leasing Basics - Part Two

Entry Level intro into Fair Housing - What you need to know and fast! New to the industry or just never had the opportunity for fair housing training? Either way, this micro learning session will be perfect for you!

Wesley Aleshire

The Foundation of Fair Housing

Don't get caught up in an accidental HUD violation. Reduce your liability by making sure you and your team understand the Fair Housing Act.

Wesley Aleshire

Introduction to Fair Housing

Welcome to the Property Management industry, now it's time to get introduced to Anti-Discrimination Legislation.

Wesley Aleshire

The History of FHA

Go on a journey back in time to see what it actually cost to get fair rights in the United States.

Wesley Aleshire

Protected Classes

Learn how each federally protected class is defined by HUD and see how some of the most common scenarios are misunderstood.

Wesley Aleshire

Advertising Guidelines

The twists and turns of confusion around Advertising Guidelines are finally answered here!