The Body Language Expert

Series Two | Developed by Traci Brown

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This comprehensive program created by body language expert Traci Brown will give you the ability to interpret the psychological side of body language. This is the second part of the series.

Chapter Five - The Handshake

  • Series 2 Introduction
  • The Handshake

Chapter Six - That Interesting Behavior

  • Truth
  • Presidential Point
  • Reaching

Chapter Seven - Know When You’re Losing Them

  • Happy Face
  • Chair & Hand
  • Crossed Arms

Chapter Eight - Building Confidence

  • Deciding Chin
  • Fig Leaf
  • Handshake

The Full 2 Part Series Covers

·How to interpret more than 50 of the most common and most telling signs

·How to best react to what you see

·How to send the right message

·How to tell if someone exhibits “buying signs”

·How to know if she’s in to you

·Exactly how to open people’s minds to your ideas

·Different types of handshakes and the messages they send

·How to exude genuine confidence through your own body language

·And, much more!

Traci  Brown
Traci Brown
Body Language Expert

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Course Curriculum

The Handshake
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That Interesting Behavior
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Know When You're Losing Them
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Building Confidence
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