The Reflection Coach

taught by Wesley Aleshire

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Welcome to the Reflection Coach, part of the Leadership Coaching Series. This session is offered at a discounted rate until the other sessions in this series are published.

The word “coaching” has taken on a negative undertone. At one time, it was seen as a way to help strengthen the skills of our teams. Unfortunately, in many cases, the meaning has been transformed into the perception of a verbal assault.

The manner in which you coach your team should be adjusted to fit the specific needs and perspectives of each individual team member. The reflection coach method is the perfect approach to address situations where team members are resistant to your feedback.

Getting to know how your team feels about coaching is imperative! A single person with resistance to coaching could infect your entire team with negative feelings towards coaching.

Benefits of utilizing this approach

  • Create a culture of learning
  • Better team commitment
  • Stronger communication
  • Enhanced productivity

This micro learning session takes approximately 15 minutes to complete and comes with a session reference guide.

Wesley Aleshire
Wesley Aleshire

Wesley began his work experience in sales and shifted to real estate management after five years. He has had the opportunity to work with more than a billion dollars net worth of commercial and multi-family properties. While holding various positions such as a trouble-shooter for a property management team to a Director of Acquisitions, his focus has been on business development, employee development, solution strategies and curriculum development.

The experience at the motivational seminar still pulled at him. Wesley never lost his ardor of the passion that motivation can generate. Throughout his work experiences, he saw opportunities and situations in the business world in which the correct motivation and direction for development could ignite a real growth of capacity and skill. As a result of this awareness, Wesley has spent the past 10 years building, cultivating and implementing business training programs.

To date Wesley has spoken on behalf of corporations and associations in more than one-third of the nation’s states. His seminars are not structured in a typical classroom or lecture format; instead, they feature a heightened level of engagement and interaction and also consist of comedy and stark realism.

Rather than consisting of merely instructional information, Wesley’s training sessions are both collaborative and actionable. The effectiveness of his training extends far beyond the classroom as a proactive sense of desire is established in attendees for development--personally and team-based--through professional growth and education. His seminars prove transformational as the focus is on people, fostering meaningful business and consumer relationships and discerning the root causes of major, repeated problems and challenges.

In 2016 while pursuing his passion as a professional speaker and content developer, Wesley was featured on the cover of Bayline Magazine and founded InnoCom AR, LLC. This new endeavor is but an extension to his goal to find more engaging ways to provide learning and development. InnoCom, AR, provides Innovative Communication programs and unique Micro Learning experiences through Augmented Reality and On Demand Training.

Wesley currently resides in the Atlanta area where he continues to focus on curriculum development, training and InnoCom AR. He has served as a mentor for BBBS completed the Advanced Instructor Training program for NAAEI, DDI, and is part of the Leadership Lyceum for FAA He is available to train and conduct seminars worldwide.

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