InnoCom AR, LLC (DBA: & respects your privacy. We do not collect personally identifiable information about you unless you voluntarily provide it, such as when you provide contact information to register for our Online Learning site, send feedback, access any of the hosted content or respond to a survey.

If you voluntarily provide your email address or other contact information, we might also use it to inform you of changes, to survey you about your use or opinion, or to ask for your support.

Paid Access

We make your contact information available to nonprofit partnering associations who use the information to record and track completion of courses, promote our online content and communicate information pertaining to education credits and certification requirements. Nonprofit partnering associations will only access shared information once they have signed an association privacy policy. (If you would like to review a copy of the Partnering Association Privacy Policy, please email your request to

Free Access

Your contact information and completion records may be released to the content owner.

Access Paid For By 3rd Party

Your contact information including completion records may be released to that 3rd party.

Overall Collection Of Data

In addition to the above, we collect certain anonymous (non-personally identifiable) information to help us improve our online web sites and to evaluate the access and use of materials and the impact of our content on the worldwide educational community.

We collect information you provide about your use of and satisfaction with our content and services through emails you send us, through feedback forms, and through related surveys, whether or not you voluntarily include your contact information. We may use web analysis tools that are built into our web sites to measure and collect anonymous session information.

We also use “cookies” to improve your web experience and to collect anonymous information about how you use our sites. However, cookies are not required for use. If your browser is configured not to accept cookies, you will still be able to access our web sites content.

When we report information about access, use, and impact, we report aggregate, non-personally identifiable data. Occasionally, we report quoted feedback from users. We do not attribute feedback to specific individuals unless we obtain permission to use that person’s name along with the feedback.

At your request, we will remove your contact information from our site, partnering associations list or both. Please specify your preference via email to All requests to be removed will be updated within 30-days.

Removing Your Information

If you would like to remove your personal information from our site, please complete any purchased courses and send a request to be removed from our site. Please note that removal from our site will forfeit any previously purchased course access.

Removal from Partnering Association contact list – If you would like to maintain your personal information on our site for continued access but remove it from the shared list of information with our nonprofit partnering associations, please maintain personal records of any completion certifications if you wish to be considered for potential education credits. Contact information will not be retracted in situations where you accepted free access or access paid by 3rd party unless payment for received access is made. For more information on this topic or any other questions, please email us at